Sunday, September 3, 2023

2023.09.03 [Screw Rescue Report] TOYOTA Hilux

We received an SOS from Aomori City in the Tohoku region of Japan regarding stripped screws on a Hilux.

"I've stripped the Torx screws on the tailgate and don't know how to remove them."

After examining the images he provided, we sent an emergency shipment of a prototype Socket Screw Extractor. We also included explanatory videos on how to use the extractor, along with showcasing past rescue cases.

"Today, the tools arrived! I immediately gave it a try and guess what! I managed to remove them successfully! The screws that seemed impossible were suddenly turning with a snap, and it was truly amazing! Thank you so much." We received this joyful message from him.

Lately, we've noticed an increase in tailgate rescue requests. Please be cautious when replacing them.

For all your screw troubles, trust Screw Removal Tools & the Screw Rescue Team!

Do you think the Socket Screw Extractor is only for hex socket screws?

Actually, if you use your own drill combined with the Socket Screw Extractor, you can easily and swiftly remove screws of any shape, faster and more reliably than any other competitor's extractor.

We highly recommend it to professionals who regularly work with screws for maintenance and repairs.

You can find a suitable tool for solving screw-related trouble right now.

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